On September 12 of this year my first book was officially launched and although this is of huge significance to me, especially considering it has been a dream of mine for quite some time and has finally come true. It is additionally significant when you take into account that as a profession I coach people to attack their dreams and live the life they have imagined. These things are great, but as you will discover when you read the book and do the corresponding workbook, I wrote the book in honor of the people in my life that played a significant role in my development as a child all the way into adulthood.

My mom, whose sturdy hand on a boat (household) had to be wavering from the effects of teenage pregnancy, a broken marriage and a lack of earnable skills. Yet she made us believe that all things are possible, that we are rich in so many ways, and that our faith matters.


My sister, who took on any and every battle for me whether I wanted her to or not.

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My wife and my best friend. I am blessed to have known her for over half my life and it has been the best half!

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My wonderful, powerful, courageous, intelligent beautiful daughters: Well I’ll let their words from the book speak for themselves.
On Focus…”A big part of my focus is that I want to make a difference. A freaking huge, amazing, big difference.” – Talita
On dreaming…“You and Mom taught us to dream, to help others, and to have faith in God. I still do all that to this very day.” – Tamani
On expectation…“You made it very clear to my sisters and me that we were capable, and you expected us to show our capability. “- Tylyn

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