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I have some questions for you.

How’s it going?  13 days into the new year, are you working on your goals?  For those of you who made resolutions are you still on track? This month is all about how to make 2017 better than 2016.

There are things that all successful people do to make their dreams and goals a reality and what all successful people have in common is a coach in some form or fashion.  Someone to help them clarify their purpose, improve their quality of life, be more productive and have better relationships with the people that matter to them.

From Oprah Winfrey to Bill Gates, Michael Phelps to Michal Jordan, these people all hired a personal improvement or performance coaches.

These folks have coaches for off the field performance because, like all of us they have belief systems that limit their ability to be fulfilled.  When people aren’t fully fulfilled, they don’t experience joy and satisfaction in themselves, in the world around them and in life.  Why else would the people I mention here hire a coach.  These coaches didn’t show Phelps how to swim, Gates how to conduct business or Oprah how to be a media mogul.  They hired coaches to help find fulfillment.  See, what these highly successful people discovered is that there is a connection between attitude and belief, between skills, knowledge, dreams and goals.  They also realized that the more fulfilled, they were, the more successful they became.

If we could look out a year in the future what will we say a year from now about 2017.  Will we be further along in our personal and professional life? Will we be better parents, spouses and professionals? Or will we be in the same place to ourselves, our families and careers?

Will we be amazed at how the changes in our behavior changed some lifelong patterns that contributed to our limited belief systems and they no longer hold us back. Will we surround ourselves with dream makers and rid ourselves of the dream killers in our life, regardless of who it is.  What strategies and activities will you implement?  Who is going to help you change your mind-set?  Successful people like the ones I mentioned above needed a coach.














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