Recipe of an MVP

Kevin Durant the 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player laid out a perfect recipe Kevin Duran MVP for all of us to follow if we want to be an MVP in our own life.  As parents, spouses, employees, managers, entrepreneur, teammates or friends.

First we need to be extremely thankful to our creator, people that have helped us and our family.  It also takes passion for something so that we can develop the drive to never quit.  We need a lot of help along the way, being an MVP can’t be done alone.  We should have a clear understanding of who are our doubters and who are the folks who believe in us.  It takes failing, getting up and failing again, and getting up one, more time.  There will be some tough days on our journey to being an MVP but we have to hang in there.  It takes positivity even in the toughest times.  MVP’s are constantly learning seeking to always get better.  Because we all have potential makes us all MVP candidates, but MVP’s work hard to trying to reach their potential.  True MVP’s are emotional, but positive by nature, they have good people around them and they associate with people who are where they want to go.  Lastly MVP’s know their story, understand where they came from and in spite of some tough times they LOVE unconditionally!

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