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I love the resiliency of my family, especially in times of tragedy and or death.  Resiliency is a noun defined as

  1. The power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., After being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity.
  2. Ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy.

Both of these definitions are great descriptors of how my grandparents raised my dad and his 13 siblings, and it is in this same spirit that me, my siblings and my 80 or so first cousins were taught to be.  “You are a Wells” and that means… I remember telling my three girls when they were kids.

One of the things I know for sure is that in the middle of difficulty lies opportunities.  But in order to find those opportunities you have to be resilient.  One of the things I have the privilege of doing is helping people discover within them their own ability how to recover from adversity, especially since we all have within us at the very least the ability to return to original form.  However, what I love most about what I do as a Life Coach is to help people discover that they were not put here to just live and return to original form, but they were put here to live a life more abundantly.

What the funeral of my dear aunt reminded me of was the strength and resolve of the Wells family who in spite of distance, travel challenges, their own illness and adversity and even their own differences, showed up in a big way to support my uncle and cousins who lost their beloved wife and mom.

To be successful, to reach your dreams and goals, to always be able to bounce back and return to form, to recover from illness, to let go of family differences you need resilience.  I am BLESSED to be a Wells!


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