See you later! 


“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” — Rumi  

 Happy 80th birthday to my dad!  


Happy trails to my granddaughter, daughter, and son-in-law will be spending their last weekend in California, and I am as sad as I can remember. I and my grand have that special bond that we forged when she was in her mother’s womb, and I would read to her. It became real when I would go on my lunch break from Pleasant Hill to Lake Merrit in Oakland to hold her. Then with every donut outing or silly laugh, it became permanent.  

However, the thing about my sadness is it is only a temporary feeling. It is a feeling that reminds me of how blessed I have been if my saddest moment is my family moving a couple of thousand miles away to realize a dream. 




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