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If you could go back in time, starting from a year ago to today what do you wish never started?

Maybe a particular relationship? A bad habit? Something you signed up for? A commitment you said yes to? Something you started to tolerate? An attitude you adopted? A character attribute you developed?

If you could pick one thing, that you could stop today, what would it be?  The interesting thing about life is we don’t get the opportunity to erase or rewind something we started.  Good or bad. As the saying goes you can’t put the Jeanie back in the bottle.  However, the great thing about life, every day we have it, is we get another opportunity to begin again or stop something we don’t like.  With this being the new year and everyone focused on what new things they are going to do or start in 2016, I say take some time and think about something that you can stop, End it today. Yes, today. End it. That will get you closer to your goals in 2016.


In the event you forgot here are the 7 Ways to make your dreams come true for 2016:

 1) Don’t wait for others to approve, go make it happen.

2) Just Do It don’t wait for everything to be perfect.

3) Make Time plan it so that it can be part of your everyday life.

5) Be Bold don’t let fear stop you.

6) Go All In with your time, energy and resources.

7) Have a Singular focus, multitasking is okay, but for making your dreams come true is laser like with your focus.


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