Stop Playing Around

January 12, 2018

Stop Playing Around

I open my Goal Setting workshops with this question, you heard something today that could change your life forever, help you reach your biggest dream and achieve your greatest goal, would you do it? The answer is always, of course.

According to surveys, only 8 percent of Americans successfully achieve their New Year’s resolutions. A whopping 45 percent fail by the end of January!

Why can’t people keep their resolve? Because they’re missing a very important step.

I am hosting my third annual workshop at the end of January, right around the time people start sliding back into the same old rut, for people who are serious about reaching their goals in the new year.

I see people who blame others, even in youth sports, parents blame coaches for not helping their kid enough. Goal setting the right away is about taking accountability for your own actions, it’s about looking inward and not worrying about what someone didn’t do.

A great example of this is little Jaden Newman, a little basketball wizard whose goal is to be like Steph Curry, practices 3 to 5 hours a day (look her up on YouTube). She has a goal, and she gets after it. No finger pointing, no excuses, no asking why a coach or a parent isn’t doing something for her.  She is a lot like the lion in the jungle who sees something she wants and goes after it.

Stop making excuses, stop pointing the finger, stop looking outward and stop falling short of your goals year after year after year. Stop Playing Around!

The opportunity to hear something that can put you on the path to achieve your dreams and goals is here!

There is no success without goals, and goals are not achieved without action. But it all starts with a dream.

Learn to dream: We need to believe in something beyond what we believe to currently be possible for ourselves.

Put those Dreams on Paper: There is power in putting onto paper your dreams.

Learn to convert those dreams into manageable and achievable goals: You must be able to convert your dreams into goals you believe you can achieve.

Understand the progress of one goal to another goal: The progress of one dream to another allows you to move forward towards your dreams in a manner you believe is possible.

Acting is the key: Without action, your goals can never be achieved.

Right Action vs the wrong action: It is not just about acting, but taking the RIGHT action

Create a vision board to stay focused: Converting your dreams into something visual allows your mind to get programmed for success.

If you have unrealized dreams and goals, then this live training is for you!


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