The only journey is the one within.~ Rainer Maria Rilke

We all know people who every time we ask them how things are going, they almost one hundred percent of the time give you that same pitiful look and say, it is tough.

If you are like me you are waiting to hear the person follow it up with what they are doing to change things, but instead, you are left feeling like this person likes being the center of negative attention.

Look, I get it, I talk about it a lot with my life coaching clients.  We are all in a constant battle trying to overcome negative conditioning that has happened to us.  Through spaced-repetition we are conditioned, and most studies reveal that 88% of our behavior is a function of our conditioning. Stop being the same.

The real question is what new behaviors are you going to do, to get what you want? If you plan on being different you must do things differently. Stop being the same.

When we change what we think it changes how we feel, when we change our feelings, we change what we do, when we change what we do we get different results. Stop being the same.

Gandhi said live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.

See you at my Goal Setting Workshop on February 2, 2018.


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