The Outside In Coach is a Dinosaur

“Outside of parenting there might not be a better platform than coaching to transform boys and girls into healthy and thriving men and women.” – Joe Ehrmann         

I am still amazed that the old-time high school coaches, especially of female athletes, are still around, cursing, screaming and yelling at kids trying to get them to play at Peak Performance all because they, the coach wants to win. Don’t get me wrong the player wants to win too but in the grand scheme of things not at all cost and for female athletes not at the risk of being ridiculed or embarrassed. Coaches can get youth athletes to win by one of two ways: 1. Transactional coaching where coaches use players as tools to meet their personal need for validation. or 2. Transformational coaching where they view sports as a virtuous and virtue-giving discipline who believe young people can grow and flourish in sports. Both will work, one only for a short while until the kid sees past the Outside In approach, they lose respect for that coach and spend a lifetime trying to understand why this adult would mentally abuse them.  The Inside Out way sets the kid up for success for the long run by seeking to transform their sense of their own worth, talents, and value.