January 26, 2018


If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

~ Tony Robbins

Start Today

What are you waiting for, how come you don’t have the things you truly want, why are you falling short, year after year on your dreams, goals, resolutions?

Sometimes the answer to these questions is simple, it is because you haven’t even started.

I tell my clients that I don’t want to hear what they are going to do but show me. This is an interesting time of year for most people because this is when those plans that folks made for the new year start to unravel and the realization that they are not going to achieve their resolution is understood, so most people give up. In fact, out of the 40 to 60 percent of the people who make some type of resolution, only 8 percent are still working on it.

To reach our dreams and goals we must start, we must take steps, we must act.  When clients come to me who have failed year after year accomplishing their dreams and goals many times it is because they haven’t started. I mean really started.

Sometimes you must start with just your beliefs and let God, the Universe or whatever you call it, do its thing! This is where people fail, they get paralysis of analysis.  They feel they need all the answers first or a well-designed plan. It isn’t bad to have these things, but if waiting for them causes you to not move then, NO. Dreams need turn into goals, which by its very definition means to act.

Many people dream of becoming, of succeeding, but very few ever realize their dreams because they never do anything about it! To have you must become.

Start Today

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