Put Up or Shut Up

Put Up or Shut Up

Every morning I wake up I go through a morning routine that includes stretching, prayer and meditation.  Once I grab my cup of coffee, I sit at my desk in my home office and listen to one of my business mentors, Darren Hardy and his daily online coaching message that helps jump start your day.

This morning he challenged his listeners to “put up or shut up”. The story he shared was a colleague of his who had a great product that people liked and saw the terrific benefit once they purchased it, but the challenge was to get them to take the risk. Hardy goes on to tell how his colleague decided to remove the risk and by doing that he got more people to try it which ultimately grew the business and both the client, and his colleague benefited. At the end of Darren Hardy’s morning inspiration if you have never seen it, is to challenge his listeners and this morning he asked the question, how will I put up or shut up.

Here is what I am going to do.

All my clients give me feedback on the countless ways I help them, and most of them tell how they can’t believe they waited so long to get back in touch with their dreams. They relay how they have become hopeful again and are able to now identify and create goals based on those same dreams.  They are excited to share with friends and family for the first-time real action plans.  And because of my coaching they can deflect and pull themselves out of challenges and negativity more effectively because they have a process that includes affirmations, a gratitude list and vision boards to keep them pointed towards their dreams and goals.

What I have learned over the years is that no-one wants to fail, fall short of their goals, never reach their dreams or live a life that is not fulfilled.  The issue is most people don’t know how not to.  It’s like a kid telling her dad that they want to pitch for their softball team, and the dad says ok, but never shows them how or take them to see someone who could show them.

Here is my answer to Darren Hardy’s challenge.  If you would like to know how to tap into what you truly want for yourself and identify your dreams, if you would like to create goals and learn my full proof 9 step goal setting process. 

If you want to go into 2018 with a solid approach to making it the best year of your life, then you can contact me at lashawn@rightchoicecoaching.com with the tagline of “put up or shut up” to schedule your FREE 90-minute coaching session. 

After the 90 minutes you can let me know that you didn’t get anything out of our time and you will not owe me anything.  But if you end our meeting with a real plan to accomplish your dreams and goals, then you pay me for the 90 minutes.

“I will not put up, shut up, give up or let up”!