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During my 20 years of coaching I have been asked to help other teams, coaches and players, below is an outline of a program that I put together to support teams, coaches and players.  If you want more information about the package go to and use the code “choice” to receive the discounted price.


Take your team to the next level

All great teams have established objectives.  You will learn how to build structure at practice and games, develop habits that creates discipline and a successful culture.

  1. Create Team Cohesiveness – Build a team vision and mission statement from a set of core values established by the coaches.
  2. Improve overall performance – Develop team goals, establish team rules and consequences.
  3. Attract top tier talent – Conduct a poll of former and current players to see identify the strengths and areas of opportunities for the team.


Accelerate your Coaching Skills  

Get rid of confusion and poor performance by getting everyone on the same page.

  1. Gain clarity and build team continuity. – Learn the strategies and mindset of coaching as a transformational figure.  Attract the best players and supportive parents by having a clear vision and plan for your team.
  2. Create a positive and effective culture. – Culture is created when you have clear rules and effective consequences.  Learn how to develop and implement rules for players, parents and coaches.
  3. Transformational vs. Transactional – Answer the four questions to become a transformational coach:  Why do I coach, why do I coach the way I coach, what does it feel like to be coached by me and how do I define and measure success.
  4. Empowering Your Players – Learn how to empower your players by questioning their self-doubt, pointing out evidence to the contrary and use a mix of empathy, firmness and affirmation to convince them of their self-worth.


Set and Achieve your goals as a person and a player   

Goals help us discover our own personal uniqueness, overcome negative conditioning, make better decisions and brings out the best in you.

  1. 9 Steps of goal setting – Learn how to write a SMART goal, discover if it is your “WHY”, how to overcome obstacles and how to create an action plan to reach your goal.
  2. Dream Inventory – Student athletes will be equipped to use the power of their imagination to help them create the life they imagine.
  3. Vision – Learn how to create a powerful vision board and vision statement that will keep reminding you of the path to achieve your goals.


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