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In my book, Don’t be a Crazy Ass Parent, I share some examples of real life situations that have taken place over my twenty years of coaching girls softball.  Some were “crazy”, but most were some of the best days of my life, especially when the entire family were on road trips.  I also love the fact that from our own three daughters to the several hundred other kids that I have been honored to coach, they all were able to experience the power of their imagination to reach their goal of playing at the some of the major universities from Stanford, Northwestern to UCLA.

Jim Rohn put it this way – “Goal setting gives you an incredible opportunity to experience the true power of your imagination.  Think about it.  Human imagination builds cities. Imagination cures disease. Imagination sets up our best relationships. Imagination develops careers.  All of the great things in life start with imagination. It’s the place where life and all the tangible and intangible values you feel begin.  Imagination is a resource unlike any other. It might be the most powerful resource you have.”

I am launching an online module program this month called The 100% Life. A big part of living a 100% life begins with being able to imagine it. Yesterday I gave a presentation to my Business Network group and I shared with them a series of questions that if you can’t say yes, then I would say you are not living the 100% life, and my webinar and coaching can address.

  • Are you willing to be 100% in every area of your life and everything you do?
  • Are you happy from the inside/out?
  • Comfortable where you are in your life, even as you work on gaining more and more?
  • Do you exude gratefulness for what you have?
  • Do you have a dream list?
  • Do you have SMART goals written out with action steps?
  • Do you have plenty of healthy relationships?
  • Are you assertive in your communication style, not aggressive, passive or passive-aggressive?
  • Do you define your very best and is now going for it?
  • They can honestly look at where they have been less than 100% and then go for it?


You can tell a person who is living the 100% life by how they talk, how they walk, how they show up in the world. They exude authenticity, secure from the inside/out. They are comfortable where they are in life, and even as they strive for more, more things, more money, they are grateful for all they have. The 100% life program is to help you and the people you know say yes to all of these questions. You will be able to access The 100% life program at the end of September by going to


Today, I need everyone to go to Amazon- Kindle or a use the Kindle App between 11am and noon Pacific Standard Time and purchase the book.  If I out sale my category for that one-hour Amazon will name me a best seller.  The book will be priced at $3.99.














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