This too shall pass 



“One group is saying it from the couch with very little intent; the other group is saying it while they are getting bigger, faster, stronger, and maximizing reps WHILE NO ONE IS LOOKING! Time will call you out.” – Coach Flow 



April 3, 2020 


Enough about the Coronavirus. I am not ignoring the tragedy of the pandemic that we as a world community are facing. I know that as the number of cases continues to rise and the total deaths in the US will grow by tens of thousands, COVID-19 is closing in, and before it is over, we all may know someone who got sick or died from the virus.  

With all that said, it is time we look ahead!  

Are you getting better? With this unexpected and new downtime by way of “stay home order,” we all have time to improve ourselves. Are you working out, are you doing any self-development, are you practicing good eating habits?  

The quote says it best, “Time will call you out.” 

Be Blessed! 



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