Transformational Leaders

This week I kicked off my meet-up group for coaches, teachers and anyone who works with young people to discuss the difference between those who serve out of their own personal needs versus those who coach to serve and build others.

To become a transformational coach or leader, you have to make sense of the way you were coached or lead.  Coaches, teachers and leaders of organizations and companies have to understand themselves and how others influenced them knowing that ultimately it produced insight and empathy, for themselves and for their players.

Great coaching demands introspection, integrity and integration of their own life story.  Coaches need to suggest, speak softly and live by example.

Transformational coaches/leaders empower their people by questioning them.  Question their self-doubt, point out evidence to the contrary and use a mix of empathy, firmness and affirmation to convince them of their own self-worth.  The individuals become a team. Individual self-confidence begot collective confidence and the whole group develops the capacity to initiate remarkable transformation.

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