Was I Like That?

March 2, 2018

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” ~ Pablo Picasso

One of the privileges and honors I have several days a week is picking up my Nieta from school. I find it interesting how the parents helicopter and hover over the classroom doing everything from grabbing their child’s bag before class lets out to bum rushing the teacher with nonsense (I have ear hustled).

Watching these parents operate has me thinking.

Was I like that? I am going to guess that I was not like that.  I can say this confidently because when your kids have dreams and goals like ours, goals that they have identified and set for themselves, that you are supporting you don’t have the need and insecurities to the point that you need to helicopter.

I experience it a little as a travel ball softball coach of elite players. I see and hear it a lot from parents of kids I give lessons too, and at the high school, I use to coach, it was daily and regular.

I always say parenting isn’t hard, doing what we need to do as parents, being consistent with what we need to do is hard.

Discover what your child wants by helping them to identify their own dreams. Help them set goals based on their dreams.

The goal setting process if done right will be their own personal contract with themselves, that they will keep because it is what they want.  The parent’s job is to then manage the goal-setting process to help them achieve their dreams and goal.

Your child is either chasing the goal and doing all the things that they said, or the goal has changed.  Parenting is about always knowing your kid’s dreams, always knowing their goal(s) and knowing how the child plans to achieve them.

Land the helicopter and help your child take off in that jet, to their dreams and goals!

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