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People that know me often hear me talk about dreams and the fact that there is so much power we get from being able to dream about what we want and what we want to become.  All accomplishments begin with an idea, a seed, a dream.  Your list of dreams will help you begin your “Personal Achievement Program.”  Jot down your ideas and dreams no matter how big or small they may seem at the moment.  At this point, there is no commitment to pursue them further.  Your list of dreams will later provide a clue to the kinds of things that could motivate you.  It will also allow you a wide variety of ideas to draw from when you begin to set meaningful goals for yourself.

Your imagination has unlimited power.  Every achievement has emerged as the end result of a dream, a vision, or what may even have seemed to be a far-fetched idea.  Many of the dreams that you write on your List of Dreams may seem totally out of reach.  That’s OK! As you begin to grow and achieve, some of your dreams will become goals and some never will.  Keep in mind that this is an exercise in “dreaming” and give no thought at all to your ability to reach those dreams.  Many of your dreams may seem too small or insignificant to put on your list – but write them down anyway.  There is no such thing as a small dream.  If it is your dream, it’s important!

Dream also about the kind of person you want to become.  Think about the qualities, talents, and abilities you possess, such as earning the respect of others, being organized, decisive, or influential, being a good leader, and being perceived as honest and caring of others.

If you are tempted to stop writing because your dreams seem “silly” or if you think your friends might make fun of you, stop!  Consider this: had people like Thomas Edison listened to the so-called “rational experts” of their day, our world would probably be moving backward instead of forward.

Here are documented statements taken from newspapers and magazines over the last 165 years:

1840 – “Anyone traveling thirty miles per hour would surely suffocate.”

1878 – “Electric lights are not worthy of serious attention.”

1901 – “No possible combination can be united into a practical machine by which men can fly.”

1926 – “This foolish idea of shooting at the moon is basically impossible.” (Stated by a scientist)

1920 – (Another scientist) “To harness the energy locked up in matter is impossible.”

Open the door to the closet of your mind.  Allow yourself to dream.

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