What Does Love Require?

“Love is what you have been through with somebody.” ~ James Thurber


February 28, 2020

The last day of this month is unique in many ways, the fact that it will be four more years before anyone who is born on February 29 will be able to write that day on a piece of paper. Leap year has always fascinated me, and the few people I knew who were born on that day. But February is an exciting month for me for other reasons too. My birthday, my grand mothers’ birthday a day before mine, valentine’s day, and we always had at least two days off with president’s day.

As we “leap” into a new month, I am going to go back to my theme for February 2020, and that’s love. “What does love require of us,” not when things are “honky dory,” but when things are tough. “What does love require of us” when we are mad, upset, or disappointed? “What does love require of us” when people we love push that colossal nerve?


Welcome to March, and I am sure more madness.




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