"What If"

One of my favorite games to play especially with my clients is called “what if…”  It’s a mind game that allows the player to make up anything he or she wants when exploring options for their life.  Most of the time the need to play this game comes up when the player is stuck in a negative place of “I can’t”.  So I simply challenge the person to make up something positive, if they are going to think of things that are not real anyway.  Another reason for the game is to help the person imagine what life could be like if they had the ability to control the situation.  By playing “what if” the person may just be able to create a reasonable and foreseeable path for themselves because with “what if” all things are possible.  The second part of the “what if” game is when I ask the person “if you had a million dollars and 6 months to live would you still be doing what you are doing today”?  If the answer is yes, than you are living out your “what if”. But if the answer is no, then I recommend you start playing “WHAT IF”.


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