What We Believe

Some experts tell us that as much as 95% of the basic attitudes we carry with us through life were formed by the age of five.  By five years of age we have all been bombarded with countless don’ts, wont’s, cant’s, shouldn’t, wouldn’t and the like, leaving many people in their most formative years with more negative attitudes than positive ones.  These negative influences eventually make their way into the playing field or workplace when we become adults.  We have all heard them.  “That won’t work”. “We can’t do that”.  “We have never done it that way before”, “I can’t hit”.

Negative attitudes have been around since ancient time.  What is new is the debilitating effect that negative attitudes can have on performance and business in this age when change happens at such rapid speeds. 

If you or your company is truly going to get results and achieve its vision in today’s tough environment, you must ensure that a process is put in place that consistently transforms negative attitudes into positive ones.

If you are an athlete and are going to play at Peak Performance, you need the 7 Peak Performance Attribute, know how to create Affirmations to strengthen Mindset, become familiar with my 9 steps to setting to achieve your goals and you should know how to tell your own Athletic Story.  

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