What We Know

“Seek the truth and then base your life on it.”

~ La Shawn Bouvier Wells

February 9, 2018

Do you ever sit and look at someone after they have just said or done something that just seems “crazy” and think, “what in the world is wrong with this person?”

What I know for sure is when we encounter people in the world, at the store, getting gas, by way of our children or in work type relationships.  We meet them where they’re at, in that moment in time plus the baggage they have with them from their past. And because we know only what we see we are left wondering, even shaking our heads asking, are they serious?

What I know for sure is that most people are too busy in their own world to even consider where the other person is coming from and how they even got there. We move about oblivious to the things around us when just taking a moment to be still, and listen to our neighbor, co-worker or player could make a difference in that person’s life for the good.

What I know for sure is that almost everything that we believe is a function of how we have been conditioned and that to be different, to be our best versions of ourselves, we must make intentional, committed acts and practices.

In the book Road to Character, David Brooks shares some powerful stories of some exceptional men and women whose lives exemplify character.  One of the takeaways for me is that as we all should be striving for “truth”, very few people seek it or even know what their “truth” is.

“Truth” has no biases, no color or race.  It does not consider your sex or age and even across religions, “truth” is “truth”.

What I know for sure is light and dark, good and evil, real and unreal, up and down, yes and no do not exist together. Live in your light, seek what is real, go to what lifts you up and yes is always possible.






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