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“All you have in life is what you did, didn’t do, or how you respond to what happens to you”. My posts are always inspired by either some personal, recent event or by a theme I hear throughout the week from clients, friends or family.

I hear from people all the time who tell me their stories by deflecting or blaming others. These folks may be at the front of making sense of what happened to them or they may have not let go of a long history of a past that was not great. They have not reclaimed their power because they have not taken ownership of their life, good or bad. I posted yesterday “I take 100% responsibility for every single condition in my life” from a challenge by one of my personal mentors, Darren Hardy. We know from scientific studies that when we are negative and down that our body will respond and our serotonin levels go down. This contributes to us feeling sad, we also know that when we are positive and upbeat the body releases endorphins that energizes us and gives us more energy.

What is so great about taking this type of ownership of our lives and everything that happens to us, is it allows us to be free to do and be whatever we chose. It frees us up from the stereotypes and typecast that parents, other family members, or worse, coaches have created for us.

By taking 100% responsibility for our own actions and conditions, we can be whoever we chose to be.

The mind will create the reality we expect, which is what I love most about my work. I get to help my clients create HOPE, have GRATITUDE and expect and ABUNDANCE by helping them know what they want, and a plan on how they are going to achieve it.











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