Winning The Game

An article I recently read ( revealed that the offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos Greg Knapp finds no difficulty coaching and instructing future Hall-of-Famer, Peyton Manning.  Coach Knapp recalled that when he began coaching Super Bowl champion and Hall-of-Famer Steve Young, when Young led the 49ers to a Super Bowl victory, Young simply informed the youthful coach “I need to be coached”.  For Young, it didn’t matter that his coach was similarly aged or that the coach had yet to build his coaching resume.  What Young recognized is something that everyone should understand and take to heart: we all need to be coached.

 When asked how difficult it is to coach a future Hall-of-Famer today, coach Knapp said it is easy since all of the “great ones want to be coached”.  In life, an even a bigger game than the Super Bowl, have you recognized that you need to be coached?  Are you coachable?  If you are currently being coached, is your coach helping or hindering?  These are all questions to consider to ensure you have the best chance of winning the game!


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