Fail Safe Leadership

Fail-Safe Leadership, which challenges the assumption that all leaders are great leaders by virtue of their position.

Specifically, we’ll be addressing the following:

  • The Leadership Challenge – Why are we all here?
  • New Leadership Definition – Redefining Leadership is critical in this new world we live in.
  • Leadership Processes – Setting Leaders up for success.
  • Creating Alignment – Won’t get anywhere without it!
  • Fail-Safe Attitudes – Why attitude matters.
  • Summary and Next Steps – What are you going to do about it?


It doesn’t matter what characteristics Leaders may or may not exhibit; Leadership is no longer about possessing certain personal characteristics, but rather about the ability to set goals and achieve desired results.

Unless and until you change your definition, your Leadership may be destined to fail because it is built on a weak foundation.

It’s time to embrace a Result-Based Model of Leadership.

How do we go about instituting this model?

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