These Kids Today: Are your Kids At Risk

What’s happening to our kids today? Have you been reading the papers and keeping up with current stats on truancy, juvenile crime, and gang activity?

Everyone agrees that keeping kids in school is critical to their success. Here’s why:

  • Two thirds of male juveniles arrested while truant tested positive for drug use.
  • One in ten students 15 years old were truant at least once a week.
  • In San Diego, 44% of violent juvenile crime occurs between 8:30 am and 1:30 pm.
  • In Philadelphia, approximately 2,500 students each day are absent without an excuse.

Do you know what the statistics are for our area? Should you? Do you know where to find them?

We feel there are five critical components necessary to help youth create a more positive future. They are:

  • Creating balance
  • Developing positive attitudes
  • Focusing on interpersonal skills
  • Learning goal-achievement skills
  • Managing time more effectively

Let’s examine them each in turn.

How do we affect long-term change in youth? By providing them with a proven model for setting and achieving goals. These are things they don’t teach you in school. Here’s how we work through it with youth

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