You have to Dream

Success does not mean to have a lot, it simply means to take a step ahead. Kisira Ambrose

October 5, 2018

Imagine a world, your world, whether that be school, work, home, your club or gym that you belong to or the team that you competed with, showed up, with eyes wide open in a belief that it was going to be good. That everyone in your class, department, house or even your fellow Rotarian’s or workout partners all believed in the power of their imaginations and knew, as the words in this post, that everything good they want is possible. That the hope they could imagine was going to happen.

If I was speaking to a Christian group I would use several biblical references at this point, including how a person without a vision shall perish. Or that the substance of Faith is hope and that Faith is that thing we can not see. I would also speak to how we are instructed to write that vision down and make it plain.
But for those, no Christian folks, imagine a world where we operated from this belief that Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of what you do about it. That our life will be determined by our own actions, actions that are a result of our hard work and GRIT.

The thing I can’t ever understand is why people are not talking about their dreams and goals. Schools are not talking about it, employer’s and supervisors are not talking about it, moms and dads are not talking at home, coaches don’t talk about it even though they will say the game is 90%. So, what gives? Do these people just not care, especially when we know that social media will help people make false dreams and non-personal goals.

I recently experienced an after-school program for 6th graders at a local youth organization not accept the opportunity to have their kids learn my 4-step process for helping their students. I have a professional colleague who is now a principal of a local high school not embrace the opportunity to flip his student body on its head and create a campus full of dreamers and goal setters. Like I mentioned to him, it is hard for students who have hope and a vision for where they are going, to go off the rails.
The same exists for parents. Why would you place your kid in any environment, on a team, with coaches or teachers who are not helping your kid move in the direction of their dreams and goals?


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