Your Life Wheel

Life Wheel

When I first start working with a client, be it the parent or the child, I have them evaluate their current situation by completing a “LIFE WHEEL”.  A life wheel helps people indicate what percentage of that particular area they feel is being met or fulfilled. If they are extremely satisfied than they would color the entire section. If they are 50% satisfied they would only color half of the wheel, you get the picture.

Your life wheel works like a tire on a car. If it is not periodically checked for air, it can go flat. If there is too much pressure in one part of the tire, a bubble can develop, resulting in a bumpy ride.  A well-balance tire produces a smooth, comfortable journey.  A well-balanced life produces happiness and success.

Keep in mind that your LIFE WHEEL is kept “in balance by distributing the pressure where it is needed and desired, according to YOUR CHOICES.

I help people drill down on each category to understand where they are, how they got there and more importantly, how do they change so they can get the results and experiences they desire. For example, if the area we are looking at is home and family life, I would ask the person to rate the importance of family life is to them, look at ways they can personally improve the family, name the people they consider to be family and finally to list the activities they share with these family members.

Once we complete this exercise we go right into goal setting, but we do it specifically for how to improve home and family life.

The ability to reach your goals, as we have said before, will depend on your internal attitudes, so choose to make your goals a reality!






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